Sovereign Reign

With his marriage falling apart, Heero’s commander, Lady Une forces him to take time off. Angered, Heero finds a local bar to spend his time. After all, it was better than fighting with Duo all the time over things that shouldn’t matter.

There he meets an intriguing individual who simply introduces themself as Sage.

Heero is both curious and slightly cautious of his new friend. Instead of prying or forcing idol chatter Sage simple lets him be in his melancholy silence. For this Heero is grateful.

Over the next several months Heero and Sage meet several more times and each time, Heero never wanted their time together to end. Sage made him feel, something, something he hadn’t felt before, not even with Duo. With resolve to tell Sage how he feels, Heero’s fragile world comes crashing down when Sage informs him Sage is leaving indefinitely, over a voicemail no less. Devastated, Heero takes out his anger on the one person he could: Duo.

With his marriage finally over Heero only wants one thing: his best friend Sage.

There was only one problem: Sage wasn’t who Heero thought Sage was.

  • Appx. Chapters: Epic Fiction
  • Rating: NC-17
  • Pairing: would contain spoilers