Code Name: White Knight

Juuzou Suzuya was lost. He had been ever since his partner, Shinohara, was hospitalized for a mistake he made.

When he meets a stranger at a local sweet shop Juuzou couldn’t help but be intrigued when this person actually spoke to him. This encounter, cut short by a new assignment: the 17th District where a Ditch Digger binge eater wreaked havoc, left Juuzou wanting to see the stranger again.

Together, Juuzou and his new partner Kaneki track down the binge eater a little too easily and they find out why when Aogiri Tree attack, overwhelming them with sheer numbers.

When all seemed lost and Juuzou would never see the mysterious stranger again a new ghoul defends them both with a strength neither had ever seen. And worst yet, this ghoul didn’t use its kagune in the chaos that nearly killed them.

They code name this ghoul White Knight but was this ghoul a friend or their worst nightmare?*

*Reminder: this fic is my take on what happens after the season two anime, some elements from the manga will appear but this is my vision