MIA Announcement

Hey Everyone! I am so sorry I ducked out for so long. As some of you know I went on vacation. Well I came back and was hospitalized with pneumonia for almost two weeks.

I posted to Code Name: White Knight because I already had that chapter ready to go.

If you follow RH Null I’ll posting to that one this week. As for this story it might have to go to posting every other week until I’m back full force. I am super sorry to all my wonderful readers for just leaving you guys hanging like this.

Thank you to everyone who checked in with me through my blog while I was out! It really meant a lot to me!


RH Null Announcement | Mini Break

I put a note at the beginning of chapter 13 Impressions but I wanted to note it here for you guys, too.

A chapter will not go live today (March 12, 2017) or next Sunday (March 19, 2017). The 12th is the weekend before my vacation and the 19th is the week of my vacation.

I’ll post again on March 26, 2017!

15k Hits Tid Bit?

Would you guys like a 15,000 hits reward on RH Null? It’d be a little something extra aside from the story. I don’t know what yet but I’d figure it out.

It’d be cannon to my story but not necessarily apart of it. Maybe a sneak peak into the future? Perhaps how Yuuri and Viktor met? Their proposal? Though it’d be very similar to the anime so nothing spectacular there.

Who knows what I’d give you guys. ;D

Poll closes on April 1, 2017 at 11:59pm Central Time.

RH Null Chapter Nine: Kitty Kitty NOW LIVE


Chapter Nine: Kitty Kitty

Sleep was slowly ebbing away. Last night I had eaten the dinner Viktor brought me and we laid in bed watching TV. I had wanted to initiate contact again, the kissing in particular, but I didn’t have the nerve. Instead I laid between them with Viktor as my pillow. Another incident didn’t happen which only confirmed for me that they were safe and everyone else wasn’t.

At some point I must’ve fallen asleep because here I was in my own bed. Glancing at the clock, I groaned. It was just past two a.m.

I sat up looking around the room for Lyubov’ but I didn’t see her anywhere. Last time I did she was curled up on their coffee table.

Nerves bubbled up. I wanted to get her but that at same time I felt unwelcome since I was placed in my own bed. The beaten down part of me whispered that they wanted nothing to do with me. That everything that happened between us was just pity, a reason to touch me when I promised myself no one else would. A smaller more hopeful part said they were just respecting my space. The past few days I needed someone to watch over me but that wasn’t the case anymore. Besides after all that contact they probably thought I needed the distance to keep my sanity. For all I knew that was true…

I took a deep breath.

They said I could go anywhere whenever I wanted, right? Their bedroom was anywhere and this was whenever. I wanted my cat damnit.

I was up, out the door and opening theirs before I could talk myself out of it. “Oh, fuck. Yuuri.” Viktor’s moan froze me in place. My breathing sped up as I walked inside.


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