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Hey Everyone! I am so sorry I ducked out for so long. As some of you know I went on vacation. Well I came back and was hospitalized with pneumonia for almost two weeks.

I posted to Code Name: White Knight because I already had that chapter ready to go.

If you follow RH Null I’ll posting to that one this week. As for this story it might have to go to posting every other week until I’m back full force. I am super sorry to all my wonderful readers for just leaving you guys hanging like this.

Thank you to everyone who checked in with me through my blog while I was out! It really meant a lot to me!


White Knight Chapter Six NOW LIVE

Chapter Six: Koneko


Their gaze went back to The Director. “Pleasures mine.” The two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. “You certainly look snazzy.” Kodai leaned back in their chair. It was like they owned the room when Kodai didn’t even work here. In a weird way Kodai demanded more attention than The Director did. “And that cologne.” Kodai smirked. “It’s positively divine. Now where have I smelt that fragrance before?” Kodai’s foot swayed.

The Director shifted his stance. “I can assure you I am the only one who wears it.”

“No, no.” Kodai purse their lips, “I’ve definitely sniffed that before.” They smiled.

The Director cleared his throat. “Impossible.” He shifted again. Juuzou frowned and took note. The Director never fidgeted.

“Why’s that?”

“Because I have it custom made.”

Kodai quirked a brow.

“I see you’ve met Kodai.” Amon stated as he walked up to stand with The Director.

“Custom,” Kodai drummed their fingers once on the table, “really now?” Those green eyes moved between The Director and Amon several times.

Both mean looked away. Color rose in Amon’s cheeks giving Juuzou pause. Well that was new.

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White Knight Chapter Five NOW LIVE

Chapter Five: Are You Afraid?


The rest of lunch had been mostly silent but then again their food was delicious. Juuzou had no idea what it was but he’d have it again in a heartbeat.

He and Kodai made their way down the sidewalk towards headquarters. All the while their conversation played over in his head like a broken monologue. What Kodai had said made sense but at the same time it didn’t.

It almost seemed that Kodai believed the very organization meant to protect humanity, the CCG, was in fact partly responsible for the chaos around them. Could that be true? No, it was impossible. The CCG protected and served and without them hundreds of thousands of humans would be dead. But how many would still be alive if ghouls policed ghouls? After all humans policed themselves. Could ghouls do the same?

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White Knight RANT


I had thought the outline for this was finished… Well I was wrong. The outline expanded by eight chapters as of two hours ago. Damn.

Worse? I’m not 100% on the ending yet. In fact I’m wrestling with just inserting an epilogue or writing a part two to get to the epilogue, get what I’m saying?

I have up to chapter thirteen finished.

Only thirteen more to go. Hopefully. We’ll see…

White Knight Chapter Four NOW LIVE

Chapter Four: Who Is the True Monster?


Kodia bent down and scooped up the little boy who couldn’t have been more than four. “Maximus! How are you, old chum?”

The little boy hugged Kodia’s neck. “I was at school yesterday!”

“School? Surely you’re not old enough for such nonsense.”

Maximus blew a raspberry. “Am so! I drew you something.”

“You did?” Kodia acted like everything the kid said was the most interesting thing in the whole wide world. How did they do that? Kodia confused Juuzou on so many levels it wasn’t even funny.

Maximus nodded. “I’ll get it!” The boy began to squirm and Kodia crouched down to let the child go.

“I’ll be anxiously waiting!”

“He really loves you.” The waitress said with look that told Juuzou she was the boy’s mother. “Your table is free.” She gestured to a one seater in the corner that had a nice view of the street from the window.

Kodia stood and shook their head no. “Not to today, darling, I’m having lunch with a new acquaintance.” Kodia nodded to Juuzou.

He gave a half wave with what he thought was a nice smile but the woman’s frown said otherwise. He might not be good at reading people but he knew a frown wasn’t a good thing.


Kodia looked her over once and she stepped back with a mumbled apology. “S’not me you need to apologize to.”

Her cheeks turned red before she scrambled to bow an apology to Juuzou. That was the second time in less than an hour Kodia had stood up for him. “It’s okay. I’m used to it.”

That did earn him a look from Kodia. Once again he wished he understood people better in order to have an inkling into what Kodia could be thinking.



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