RH Null Chapter Nine: Kitty Kitty NOW LIVE


Chapter Nine: Kitty Kitty

Sleep was slowly ebbing away. Last night I had eaten the dinner Viktor brought me and we laid in bed watching TV. I had wanted to initiate contact again, the kissing in particular, but I didn’t have the nerve. Instead I laid between them with Viktor as my pillow. Another incident didn’t happen which only confirmed for me that they were safe and everyone else wasn’t.

At some point I must’ve fallen asleep because here I was in my own bed. Glancing at the clock, I groaned. It was just past two a.m.

I sat up looking around the room for Lyubov’ but I didn’t see her anywhere. Last time I did she was curled up on their coffee table.

Nerves bubbled up. I wanted to get her but that at same time I felt unwelcome since I was placed in my own bed. The beaten down part of me whispered that they wanted nothing to do with me. That everything that happened between us was just pity, a reason to touch me when I promised myself no one else would. A smaller more hopeful part said they were just respecting my space. The past few days I needed someone to watch over me but that wasn’t the case anymore. Besides after all that contact they probably thought I needed the distance to keep my sanity. For all I knew that was true…

I took a deep breath.

They said I could go anywhere whenever I wanted, right? Their bedroom was anywhere and this was whenever. I wanted my cat damnit.

I was up, out the door and opening theirs before I could talk myself out of it. “Oh, fuck. Yuuri.” Viktor’s moan froze me in place. My breathing sped up as I walked inside.


Click here for the rest of the chapter.

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