White Knight Chapter Five NOW LIVE

Chapter Five: Are You Afraid?


The rest of lunch had been mostly silent but then again their food was delicious. Juuzou had no idea what it was but he’d have it again in a heartbeat.

He and Kodai made their way down the sidewalk towards headquarters. All the while their conversation played over in his head like a broken monologue. What Kodai had said made sense but at the same time it didn’t.

It almost seemed that Kodai believed the very organization meant to protect humanity, the CCG, was in fact partly responsible for the chaos around them. Could that be true? No, it was impossible. The CCG protected and served and without them hundreds of thousands of humans would be dead. But how many would still be alive if ghouls policed ghouls? After all humans policed themselves. Could ghouls do the same?

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