RH Null Chapter Eight: Safe NOW LIVE


Chapter Eight: Safe


“Come!” Viktor said. “You must be starving.” He gave me a squeeze before letting go. He reached for Yuuri, dragging him in for a kiss. The moment their lips met both men relaxed into it. If I didn’t know any better I’d think Yuuri actually purred. “I know I am.” Viktor said against Yuuri’s lips. Yuuri shivered at his words and so did I.

I knew exactly what Viktor meant. He wanted Yuuri. An image of them on the couch from my first night flashed. Yuuri riding Viktor… Begging…

“Hey. No sex in the kitchen.” Phichit said while wielding a spatula effectively snapping me out of it. The little bastard. “I am not cleaning that up again.”

Yuuri’s face turned bright red while Viktor just scoffed. “Is my kitchen.”

Phichit glared at him. “Oh, yeah? Then you cook and do all the cleaning.” The little man crossed his arms in defiance of the Prince.

Viktor held up his hands and backed up a step. “Okay, okay,” he smiled looking rather sheepish, “is your kitchen.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

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