White Knight Chapter Three NOW LIVE

Chapter Three: Process Of Elimination


Kodia smiled. “You’re a terrible liar.”

Amon’s gaze narrowed on Kodia. Juuzou had seen many a man melt under that very stare but Kodia was unphased. Instead he or she turned their attention back to Kaneki. “How’s the coffee? Alright?”

Kaneki nodded as he swallowed a mouthful. “Yes, thank you. I hope Juuzou doesn’t mind…”

“Meh,” Kodia shrugged, “blame me.” Kodia winked at Kaneki earning another small chuckle.

Something bubbled up from deep down forcing Juuzou forward. He had an appointment to keep.

“Oi! There you are! I was beginning to think you stood me up. Then again that tracks with you being rude and all.” Another bite of cake disappeared.

Amon blinked then turned to find Juuzou next to him. “You should wear a bell or something.”

Juuzou stared. Two people were talking to him? At once?

“Amon?” Akira Mado, Amon’s partner, approached carrying a classified file. He instantly recognized it as the White Knight’s started yesterday. “Kaneki. And you are?”

“Kodia.” The two shook hands briefly before Akira turned her attention back to Amon.

Kodia’s face firmed up as he or she looked at Akira. It was good forty-five seconds before they spoke. “Is everyone around here rude?”

This gained both Amon and Akira’s attention. “I beg your pardon?” Akira’s face was unreadable, then again that was nothing new with Juuzou.

Kodia folded their arms over the table. “It’s not my pardon you should be begging for.”

“What does that mean?” Akira’s tone was flat.

“You said ‘ello to everyone here, including me and you don’t even know me except for him.” Kodia nodded in Juuzou’s direction.

What was Kodia doing?

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