RH Null Chapter Eight: Safe (teaser)


Chapter Eight: Safe (teaser)

Both blushed so red I wondered how they weren’t on fire. “The King heard us?” Otabek broke their silence.

Viktor nodded but Yuuri spoke. “Doesn’t he come back next week?”

“No, not until month after next.”

“No, he comes next week.” Yuuri put a hand on his hip and used the other to lean on the counter. “I remember because he was talking about going hunting.”

“I do not recall this.”

“Honey, you do not recall the last time you showered let alone when your dad is coming.”

Viktor huffed. “There is no business to be attending next week.”

“No, hun,” Yuuri looked annoyed, “he’s just visiting as dad next week.”

They stared at one another for a good minute before Viktor walked off. “Let me check.”

“I’m telling you it’s next week.” Yuuri scowled after him and the two disappeared through the door Phichit told me about on the other side. Their arguing faded out leaving me alone with Phichit and Otabek.

The two men didn’t look at me. They were talking about something, what I had no idea. My chest was tightening. It was hard to breath. Couldn’t see…



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