White Knight Chapter Three: Process of Elimination (teaser)

Chapter Three: Process of Elimination


“Ofh!” The stranger and Kaneki collided knocking both to the floor. Paper went everywhere with a small curse from Kaneki. “I am so sorry!” The stranger said as they scrambled up to help Kaneki. “I dear say I have tunnel vision when it comes to coffee and anything with sugar.” The stranger handed Kaneki some papers with a smile. “Do you drink coffee? Would you like to join me for a spot and cake?” The stranger stood with a ringed hand held out to Kaneki.

Kaneki blinked and took the offered help. “Um, I don’t eat cake.”

“Well that’s a bloody shame.” The stranger walked up to Sweets with Kaneki following. The stranger braced against the counter, the other hand on their hip. “Are you a diabetic?”


“Cake.” The stranger said. “Is that why you don’t eat cake? Ohhhhh!” The stranger pointed a finger at Kaneki. “Are you one of those gluten free people?”

Kaneki blinked a few times and looked from the stranger to Daniel. “No, I’m a ghoul.” He said as if to answer the stranger’s question and clarify everything.

“Aw, well through the process of elimination that makes sense.” The stranger smiled and held out their hand. “Hello, I’m a ghoul, Kodai, pleasure to meet you.” Kanaki shook Kodia’s hand. “So, coffee then?”



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