Chapter Seven: Lyubov’ NOW LIVE


Chapter Seven: Lyubov’

“Lies by omission count, you pig.”

He sighed. “I was starving to death, Yurio. I hadn’t had a real meal in over three years. Everyone was beginning to make me sick. I couldn’t handle it anymore. If you hadn’t come along when you did I…” he trailed off as if in thought, “would’ve died by now.”

My chest tightened. The thought of not having him around… It… Fuck me. “So next time won’t be this bad?” I hadn’t known him or Viktor very long but the possibility of either not in my life made want to cry,

His breathing hitched. “No. Does this mean you’ll stay?”

“Mmm,” I moved my hand up his chest to settle against his throat, “You and that weirdo are safe. All I want is to feel that way forever. If that means I have to feed your piggy-ass then I will.”


“Yeah, you damn near ate me alive.”

Silence fell between us. He was lazily running his fingers over my back, it tickled but in a good way. “Thank you.” His whisper was so quiet I almost didn’t hear it.

“Shut up.” Least I think I said shut up, I wasn’t really sure. His warmth, his heartbeat, his breathing, his tickling fingers, all of it was too relaxing. Sleep was winning again. How long I’d been out over however many days I didn’t know but I’d find out as soon as I woke up again…

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