White Knight Chapter Two: SSS~ NOW LIVE

Chapter Two: SSS~

“Juuzou!?” Kaneki’s scream rung in his ears. “Get up!” Juuzou groaned, the grit under his cheek felt like sandpaper. “Juuzou!” Kaneki screamed again.

A loud ominous crunch sounded all too much like concrete giving way under a ghoul’s kagune.

Juuzou forced open his eyes to find the nearly destroyed city block half in flames. “Ugh…” His head hurt and blood dripped from his chin. Heat from the fire finally registered over his skin.

A manic laugh drew his attention. The Ditch Digger towered above Kaneki, his wing like kagune pulsed with intent. “Too much, too much.” The ghoul said with a smirk.

Juuzou swallowed and reached for his quinque to use it as a crutch to help himself up. Pain zapped down his neck but he had to stand up.

Aogiri Tree surrounded them, perched everywhere like red crows watching The Ditch Digger torture Kaneki. They had walked right into an ambush like damn fools. Worst yet, neither suspected a thing.

The Dith Digger’s gaze found him and so did that insistent smile. “Such stamina for a human.” He said as he stalked over.

“No- Aw!” Kaneki tried to get up but a flex of the Digger’s kagune sent shards through his gut.

Juuzou stood, frozen, it wasn’t Kaneki on the ground but Shinohara… It was all his fault.

“I think I just might eat all of you.” The Ditch Digger flared his kagune with a murderous smirk Juuzou knew all too well.

He had to move.

Fight back.


But Juuzou was frozen. The moment he lost Shinohara seared into his mind.

“Aww,” The Digger said, ”here I was hoping for more of a fight.”

Juuzou closed his eyes against the coming death blow. He deserved this after his mistake just over a year ago. Afterall, Shinohara’s condition was his doing… He wasn’t strong enough. Besides if he died no one would miss him or care. All he’d get was a wooden box in a field of other unclaimed souls.






Click here for the rest of the chapter.

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