RH Null Chapter Six: A Kiss? NOW LIVE


Chapter Six: A Kiss?


He squeezed my hand in reassurance. “With you feeding him he’ll be better than okay.”

Sighing, I nodded and the entire room shifted in the wrong direction. My head felt fuzzy and light.

“Have you eaten?”

“Uh,” I blinked in an effort to clear my head, “Phichit was making me something when I came up here.”

Viktor stood but didn’t let go of my hand. He picked up a phone I hadn’t noticed and dialed some numbers. “Did you finish his meal?”

Oh, he must be talking to Phichit. I tuned him out to focus on Yuuri asleep on my lap. My fingers curled in his hair, it was soft and just long enough to play with. Already he looked better. There was a little color to his skin and he didn’t appear to be in any pain like before.

“Phichit has make your pancakes then he will be here.”

“Has to make.” I corrected without looking up.

His chuckle made me happy that I could make him laugh. “Aw, my English is not so good.”

“Would you rather speak in Russian?” I asked in our native tongue. Viktor sat back down but he was too far. “No.” A gentle tug on his hand told him what I wanted.

He shifted closer to sit against the headboard while I used him as a backrest. “I have a question.” He made no move to touch me other than what I had offered. “Why were you not surprised or scared of us? Most humans are.”

I leaned back, my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes. My body felt heavy, weak, Yuuri had drank more than I thought. “My grandfather used to tell me stories.”

His chin rested against the top of my head. “What kind of stories?”

Click here for the rest of the chapter.

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