Chapter Five: Too Rich NOW LIVE


Chapter Five: Too Rich

“When did he leave?”

“Last night.” He busied himself with making my breakfast.

“Where did he go?”

Phichit swallowed. “Out.”

“Where’s Yuuri and Viktor?”


“What the fuck does that mean?!” My temper was getting the better of me. Why the fuck won’t he just give me a real answer.

Phichit flinched so hard the spoon he had in his hand went flying to the floor. “Please don’t yell at me…” His voice was so soft I almost didn’t hear him. “I don’t- I don’t like- can’t be yelled at.”

Yuuri’s words from last night about Phichit being abused surfaced like a shark launching itself out of the ocean. “I’m really sorry.” I wanted to say I didn’t know but that’d be a lie.

“It’s okay.” Phichit retrieved the spoon, placed it in the sink then wrung a towel to clean up the mess.

I wanted to help but my fear of him, anyone really, kept me rooted. “It’s not… I just want-” To know where they were… I didn’t like not knowing, not seeing them. It almost physically hurt to not be near them.

He looked at me as if gauging something important. “You care about them, don’t you?”

“I-” Did I? I met them yesterday for fucks sake. Could anyone care about someone else in such a short time? A gnawing, clawing feeling, like an itch I couldn’t scratch deep within was driving me crazy. The only cure was them, I knew it. I don’t know how I did but I did. “Yes.”

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