Chapter Four: His One and Only NOW LIVE


Chapter Four: His One and Only

maxresdefault“And Viktor? He’s odd but I like him.”

“Sure. Let me get him, okay?”

I nodded and Yuuri got up then left me alone. As soon as he was gone complete emptiness overtook my sense of self, I’d been alone ever since my dedushka had fallen sick and I didn’t want to be alone anymore…

“We’re here!” Viktor entered with a flourish of his house robe, the empty pit of loneliness from Yuuri’s absence gradually began to fade. “I have some business to attend but I can be doing this from here. Although, I must warn, I do tend to curse.” He plopped on the sofa opposite of me, his fluffy bunny slippers with ears danced as his feet jiggled. “Yuurriii! Have you been seeing my style? I know not where I always put this thing.” He twirled his tablet this way and that looking for something.

Yuuri came in with a chuckle and a book in his hand. He sat in a chair next to but facing me. His gaze found mine and he winked. “Do you want to tell him or should I?”


Yuuri tapped his ear than pointed to Viktor who was still looking for something in his robe. “Ohh. Your stylus is behind your ear.” I said in Russian.

This earned me Viktor’s complete attention. “You speak Russian?” He asked in our native tongue.

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