RH Null Is Slow AF


Like seriously! As of right now chapters 1, 2 and 3 are live on Archive of Our Own and in those three chapters this is the basic breakdown:

  • Chapter One: Day One (we’ll call it Friday for shits and giggles)
  • Chapter Two: Friday/Sunday
  • Chapter Three: Sunday

What you guys don’t know is I already have chapters 4 and 5 finished and I’ll have 6 hammered out by this weekend. Wanna know what it looks like?

  • Chapter Four: Sunday
  • Chapter Five: Monday
  • Chapter Six: Monday

And I know chapter seven will either still be Monday possibly Tuesday. This means in SEVEN chapters we’ve only covered three days, maybe four. What. The. Damn. Hell.

Thing is with all the points I want to hit with this fic I have no damn clue how long it’ll end up being. RH Null could turn into a really long one, guys.

I don’t think you guys would mind that, would you?



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