RH Null Chapter Four: His One and Only (teaser)


Chapter Four: His One and Only (teaser)

Someone was talking to me but who? They were too far to hear clearly. So far away…

The fog around my brain ebbed away leaving confusion and slight panic. Where was I? Who was talking? What did they want? Was I dreaming? What was happening?


“Mmm.” Moving wasn’t easy. Why…? Blood, so much blood. Vampires. “Yuuri?” He’d help me… “Viktor?” So would he… Where were they? They promised… I should’ve known they would become tired of me, irritated. I was too broken for anyone, even myself… Maybe I won’t wake up?

“Yurio? Come on, ai. Wake up.”

Why couldn’t I just die? It’d be so much easier to die…

“Please, wake up. Come on. Look at me, please…”

That voice sounded so sad but why? What did a voice care about me? It was probably just the part of myself clinging to the pathetic, pain filled life I had. Although why any part of me would want to stay was beyond my understanding.

I had nothing left…

“Yuri! Wake. Up, Open your eyes.” Pain. Stinging pain radiated out penetrating the fog bogging me down. “Please!”


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