Chapter One: Code Name: White Knight NOW LIVE

Chapter One: Rude Little Thing

96b53f25f099e6a04673fcfe2ac71984This person’s hair was shorter in the back and longer in the front, it fit his or her face well. It appeared black but when the light hit it shined a deep blue. Green eyes moved over the paper and several rings decorated their fingers, some sat at their joints. This person wore a light grey hoodie under a black suit jacket with tight dark jeans and dark green boots. A discarded pile from the paper sat on the table.

He or she turned the page and flicked it to get just so. Their rings caught the sun from the window and a flash of silver shot straight to his core. The room was dark, the scraping of metal against metal grinded his nerves. A flame of light, a candle, caught the silver instruments Momma hung on the wall…

Juuzou stepped backward but came up short when the wall smacked his shoulders, jarring him back to the sweet shop. His hands shook. He clenched both into fists to hide it. Luckily, like always, no one seemed to notice him at all.

Click here for the rest of the chapter.

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