RH Null Chapter Two: Shady (teaser)


Chapter Two: Shady (teaser)

img_3017A flash of light pierced the darkness. Another did the same a few moments later. Than another and another.

“Do you think he’ll survive?” Who said that?

“Hm,” a light touch over my cheek tickled, “I certainly hope so.”

No, don’t touch me…

“He is a prize.” The first one said, “and just lying around at that.”

The second chuckled, it was a soft, smooth sound. “Awn.” Pain, slithering pain pricked my body with blunt needles. Another touch to my cheek sent me flinching away. “No.”

“Shhh.” The second soothed.

Light illuminated the car from the outside. Wait, car? When did I get into a car? No, not a car, a limo.

“Rest.” One of them, I wasn’t sure which one, said.

A man with lighter hair was holding me in his arms. The other, darker haired one, sat looking me over as if I were a delicious snack he couldn’t wait to devour. His eyes a blue so light they seemed to glow narrowed and one corner of his mouth went up in a smirk revealing a fang.

A fang?

I really was losing it. Maybe getting some rest wasn’t such a bad idea? Or maybe it was the worst idea. Either way I didn’t have a say in the matter. Everything was heavy, all too heavy with an overall sense of numbness.

The arms wrapped around me tightened. “Shhh.” A voice soothed again. Fingers combed through my hair and a shiver of pain, past pains from visits with Jerry, tickled my scalp.

“Nn,” my arms weighed down with exhaustion wouldn’t move, my fingers barely twitched, “d-don’t touch… me.”

Soft chuckles from both chased me into the darkness.


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