RH Null Chapter One: Runnin’ NOW LIVE


Chapter One: Runnin’

yuri-plisetskyThere was always a moment, an instant, a person never wanted to end because that moment brought so much joy and happiness. To lose it would mean a little piece of yourself was left behind in order to recall it with clarity. These moments gave a person hope and joy.

This was not one of those moments for me.

“What the fuck have you been doing all day?” Shattered glass rained against the wall from the cup he threw in his fit of rage. When I was younger I’d flinch but not anymore. What good would it do me? “I take you in after that old fart dies and this is how you repay me?”

My fingers flexed on their own.

“Oh, did that make you angry?” He asked full well knowing the answer.

Any mention of my gone dedushka, grandpa, especially from him set my teeth on edge. My dedushka took me in after my parents died when I was three until he too passed away when I was fifteen. I fell into the grasp of this asshole, an uncle by marriage, when I was thirteen, two years before dedushka passed. He couldn’t take care of me properly anymore. I had argued with him that I didn’t need someone to look after my every need. It was my turn to take care of him but all he did was smile and say, “No, my boy, you must skate for me.”

I shook my head no and grinned with a little cock of my head to the side. My fingers flexed again, threatening to become fists.

Blinding, lightening pain seared across my cheek to settle in my eye socket. My world went sideways and all too soon my head became friends with the tile flooring. “Awh!” More pain, this time in my gut, spread throughout to settle over my kidney.

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